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Complete IT Management

DEKA provides affordable IT solutions for small and mid sized businesses. DEKA can become your complete IT department for less than the cost of one full time IT person.

Cloud Services

DEKA offers a complete suite of cloud services to meet the needs of any organization. Our best in class services include, Windows and Linux Virtual Servers, VoIP, Cloud Storage and MORE!

Other Services

DEKA is a leader in providing managed services, however, we provide a broad range of services to meet the needs of our clients.

Who We Are?

Learn More About DEKA Technologies

With Deka Technologies you can remove your technology issues, and not give up control. For a small fixed monthly fee, Deka becomes your IT Department. We report to you just as an employee does except we cost less and have more expertise than most small and mid-size businesses can afford.

What are Managed IT Services?
Managed IT Services simply means that Deka will become your IT department. This allows you to focus on your business and not worry about technology. With Deka you can afford a complete IT department with technical expertise in every IT discipline.

On-Site or Remote
If you desire, Deka will come on-site to your location and provide IT services to you or you may opt for an entirely remote services offering to help you lower cost even more.

What is Covered?

In a word, Everything. Network, servers, email, web hosting, custom application design, web site management, desktop management, telecommunications management, database management, mobile computing plus much more Deka covers it all! Deka becomes your IT department. Now instead of being able to employ one or two costly individuals who may not have the knowledge or expertise necessary in all IT areas you can employ Deka Technologies at a fraction of the cost of having a full time IT professional. Deka Technologies employees experts in all areas of IT so you will get the expert service you need without the high price of a full time employee.

Why Choose DEKA?

6 Things We Do Better



Committed to Quality

Serving a company’s IT needs is a HUGE responsibility that we take that very seriously.

Skilled And Experienced

From quick PC fixes to total server and network engineering – we’ve got it.

Security Is Paramount

We follow and enforce Security Best Practices for all our clients, as well as internally.

FUN To Work With

This drives us to provide absolute fanatical support of our clients’ systems.

Fast and Reliable

We get back to you fast so you know when your problem will be resolved.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

All our programs and products come with an unprecedented 100% Money Back Guarantee.

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