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Cloud PC Backup

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According to a study by Google, Every week more than 140,000 hard drives will fail in the United States!

What happens to your business if the CEO’s hard drive crashes, or you accidentally spill coffee into a laptop?

Data loss can occur at any time: a hard drive could crash, a laptop could be lost or stolen, or users could inadvertently – or intentionally – delete important data. It happens all the time!

The task of backing up PC-based files and folders can be an expensive and challenging task for any company, especially if you have employees who travel or who work in remote locations. This makes centralized backup at the company difficult to implement and manage.

With DEKA IT’s PC Backup, you can easily back up critical business data on PC’s and laptops. that is created and stored across all the

You can manage PC Backup directly through your DEKA Exchange Control Panel or let DEKA manage the process for you.

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