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Archiving and Compliance

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DEKA offers comprehensive options for email compliance. Compliant Archiving allows your company to comply with email preservation regulations. Company Disclaimer lets you enforce a legal disclaimer on all emails sent by your staff. MessageMirror® lets you easily monitor your staff’s email messages.

Compliant archiving

DEKA IT offers compliant archiving through industry-leading partners. Choose an archiving solution from LiveOffice or from any other standards-based compliant archiving provider.

DEKA IT’s Compliant Archiving partners offer:

  • Total assurance. All compliance regulations covered, including SEC, NASD, Sarbanes-Oxley, and NYSE.
  • Secure environment. Messages are transmitted, stored off-site and backed up with the highest levels of security. Access is strictly controlled.
  • Detailed management. Compliance officers and IT managers can set detailed parameters for the services using dedicated compliance management software.

How do I sign up?

For compliant archiving you will first need to sign up for DEKA’s hosted Exchange service. Next, select LiveOffice or “other” compliant archiving partner. New customers can add archiving as an option within our DEKA Exchange Hosting Control Panel.

Existing hosted Exchange customers can add archiving service by logging into the Exchange Hosting Control Panel and navigating to “Email Compliance > Compliant Archiving”. If you have chosen “Other” archiving provider, you will need to tell us the name of that provider.

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