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Key features of Email Archiving

Facilitate compliance

Fulfills requirements of HIPAA, FRCP, SOX, FINRA, GLB, NYSE, NASD, SEC and other regulations.

Office 365 integration

You can add Email Archiving’s protection and eDiscovery benefits to email hosted by Office 365 (or nearly any other provider).

Safeguard intellectual property

Capture every email as it’s sent or received, ensuring a 100% accurate repository.

24/7 expert support

Microsoft Certified technicians • 24/7 phone and chat

Speed eDiscovery

Cut the risks and costs of complying with discovery requests.

99.999% financially backed SLA

Our service level agreement means less than 30 seconds of monthly unplanned downtime.

Safeguard intellectual property

Background: Gartner estimates that about 45% of an organization’s emails provide some business value because they are related to a project, an initiative or are considered an official record.1 It’s critical to protect this valuable asset—not just to preserve institutional knowledge against employee turnover, but to assure that emails cannot be accidentally (or deliberately) deleted by your employees. What’s more, Osterman Research estimates that email storage needs are growing at 31% annually2. If your email is hosted on-premise, the costs of storing your intellectual property will rise astronomically over the life of your business.

How Email Archiving helps: Intermedia’s Email Archiving ensures that the value of your company’s intellectual property is maintained in perpetuity. By capturing every email as it’s sent or received, it ensures a 100% accurate repository, even if an employee deletes an individual email or an entire PST file. It also gives employees the power to recover emails that they may have accidentally lost.


1 Gartner, Best Practices for Using Email Archiving to Eliminate PST and Mailbox Quota Headaches, September 2012
2 Osterman Research, Content Archiving Market Trends, 2011-2014

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