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Exchange Migration

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Our Cloud Concierge™ service includes a dedicated team to get the job done. They’ll develop and execute a custom migration plan, assuring you securely transition to the cloud at a pace you determine.

Instead of suffering through thankless weekends in the office managing a migration on your own, then weeks of ‘teething pains’ with a new system, let Intermedia take care of everything.

  • After you sign up, a Cloud Concierge team member will call you to discuss your migration needs.
  • You then schedule the migration, which our experts complete, using our proprietary tools.
  • Once migrated, we’ll manage your cloud services 24x7 and give you a 99.999% uptime guarantee.

We know that managing on-premise servers or “do it yourself” cloud providers can be painful for IT departments, so we make it easy. This outstanding support is what has made Intermedia the world’s most trusted cloud services provider – and the largest provider of Microsoft Exchange hosting.

Our team and tools make migration a smooth process

DEKA IT’s Expert CLOUD team combines experience and a set of tools to migrate companies to our Exchange platform. It is our goal to migrate your data with ZERO impact to your business! Our tools allow us to effectively migrate the following from an existing Exchange installation:

  • On-premise Active Directory, including all individual user information, the Global Address list, and distribution lists.
  • Each of your individual user’s mailbox data, including emails, calendar items, task lists and personal contacts.

Our set up is rapid, but you set the pace and “cut over” time:

  • Start using our Exchange hosting service right away in an emergency. For an average 200 user company, we can import Active Directory data in less than 60 minutes.
  • Data migration time ranges. Depending on the quantity of data and your Internet bandwith, it takes between a few hours or a few days to migrate content.

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