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ShareSync File Sharing, Collaboration and Backup

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File sync and mobile access

Access files from desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets, and the web

Always up to date

Unlimited versioning


Real-time file backup

Real-time backup of all PC files and mobile photos and videos

Restore files to any point in time with one click

Protects files & enables quick recovery from ransomware attacks


File sharing and collaboration

Secure internal and external sharing

Co-editing in real-time

Simple and intuitive

Flexible sharing permissions

Powerful administrative controls



Connect your current file server

Windows file server integration

Access file server content from mobile devices

Easy and secure sharing of file server filesBackup and restore file server files








Your data is private and protected in our secure, SOC 2-audited cloud.

OUR products and services help keep your organization compliant with ALL regulations

Your data is private and protected in our secure, SOC 2-audited cloud.

Our data centers have a 99.999% uptime

DEKA’s CLOUD support group is available 24x7 to help answer any questions

COMBAT RANSOMWARE with DEKA’s ShareSync and keep your business moving forward!


When ransomware strikes, it can be very disruptive to your business.  Getting users back to working quickly depends on having easy access to the latest versions of uninfected files and being able to restore them quickly. 

In the event of a ransomware infection, just select the folder you want to restore, select the target point in time—down to the minute—and press the button. Your folders are instantly rolled back to their state at that point in time. A user can then access those files instantly through the web or mobile devices, even as they’re re-syncing to the user’s computer.

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