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MS Exchange Email Hosting

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Network and Hardware Installation and Support

Ok, so you have purchased a new server, a wireless network router, some new software and now you need it installed and configured. Then you need someone to monitor and manage everything to keep it running. DEKA Technologies can help! Before your equipment arrives we design the infrastructure, and explain how everything will work. When the equipment arrives we will install it, configure it properly and integrate it with existing equipment. After the install, we can monitor your infrastructure ensuring it continues to run at an optimum level.

Firewall Management

Security Services

If you want to protect your Company’s systems and data DEKA can implement Firewall or Network Security Policies to protect your company and keep your information private. Even if you already have a Firewall, let the professionals at DEKA help keep you protected by continually monitoring and managing your firewall. You may have heard it before, but a firewall is only as good as the person who programs and manages it and a network is only as good as the person who designs and implements it. There is always a new threat and a new security technology to combat that threat. Most small and mid-sized companies do not have the budget or resources to keep pace with the ever increasing security threats.

You may be thinking…”We are too small, no Hacker will take the time to infiltrate our systems!”

On the contrary, small and mid-sized businesses are the #1 target for Hackers because small and mid-sized companies do not have the expertise or equipment in place to stop them. Your accounting, bank records, employee information and even your clients and customers information are at risk.

When it comes to robust edge of network security solutions, a well thought-out firewall management plan is crucial. This is too important a task to be left to a part time employee or an “on call” IT person. Let the experts at DEKA help protect your data. When it comes to Firewall Management there is little room for mistakes.

A Firewall goes a long way in protecting your company, but it is only one component in a total security policy. Anti Virus, Anti Spam, Disaster Recover Planning and Comprehensive Network Access Policies and Procedures help round out a Security Plan.

DEKA can design, implement and manage an entire network security program that will assist you in keeping your data safe and your systems operational.

24x7 Help Desk Support

If you are not quite ready for DEKA to manage your TECHNOLOGY on a full-time basis you can still obtain support at a very reasonable cost. Starting at 25.00 per month for each computer and 45.00 for each server you can receive help desk only support for those issues you may not be able to fix on your own. Our skilled Technology Assistance Team can help resolve your issues remotely.

Many companies have a NO HELP DESK at DEKA we really care about customer service!. Some companies have a staff of individuals that exclusively work on a help desk. At DEKA, we believe there is no substitute for experience in the field. Our Field Service Technicians, Engineers, Administrators and Analysts all work shifts on the help desk! Even our President works on the help desk a few hours a week!

With a 24x7 help desk at your finger tips your company can become more productive and get complex technology issues solved in a timely manner. No more paging or leaving a message for your IT person and waiting. Call or email the Help Desk and get the issue resolved. At DEKA IT our Help Desk really does Help!

If there is an issue the Help Desk cannot resolve, a Field Service Technician will be dispatched in accordance with your Service Level Agreement to get the issue fixed. At DEKA IT, we understand that Technology can enable your business to be successful, but can also hinder your business when it does not work properly. When you hire DEKA we become part of your team and your success is our success!

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